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Cash Out

What is the Cash Out option?

Cash Out is the option that allows you to keep the control over your bets. You can choose to secure your early potential winnings or decrease your potential losses before the end of the event.


Thus, if your bet is well engaged and that you want to secure your win, you can accept the Cash Out offer to redeem your bet and your Betclic account will be automatically credited.


On the other hand, if the outcome of your bet seems unfortunately to take the wrong turn, you can recover a portion of your initial stake.


Moreover, should the Cash Out offer be greater than €1, you can also use the Partial Cash Out option. For example, if you cash out 40% of your initial stake on a bet, your bet will still be valid and in case the outcome makes it a win, you’ll still get your winnings out of the remaining 60% engaged.

Which types of bets are eligible to Cash Out?

The set of simple bets in Pre-Live or Live with the following symbol

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The set of multiple bets, if all the matches of your ticket include the above Cash Out symbol.


Kindly note that it is not possible to Cash Out on system bets.

Is the Cash Out option always available?

As much as we strive to improve and optimize your gaming experience, the Cash Out offer may be suspended at any time, due to diverse reasons.


In Live, should a penalty be whistled for instance, then the option will be suspended a few moments.


Also, in the event of the probability that your bet is winning or losing is too high, we can no longer offer the Cash Out option.

How is my Cash Out offer calculated?

A Cash Out offer is calculated in real time based on the current value of your bet and on the current event status.


The offer will therefore inevitably be more stable in Pre-Live and more variable in Live (varying up and down depending on the events occurring in the game).

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