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I have reached my wagering limit, what can I do?

The wagering limit as well as the deposit limit have been established in order to protect and provide our players with a safe and responsible gaming environment.

By enabling you to set your own limits, we aim at allowing you to better control your expenses and your pace of play.

In this matter, please know that you can set and/or modify daily, weekly and monthly limits from the “Responsible Gaming” section of your account.

Kindly note that any request by you to increase or remove a limit will not take effect before 168 hours (7 days).

Is it possible to cancel a bet?

Once your bet has been validated, you are not allowed to request cancellation.

However, for eligible bets, kindly know that you have the possibility to use our “Cash Out” option which may allow you either to limit your potential losses or to secure your early winnings.

What are the different betting formulas offered by Betclic?

We aim at offering our players the best of sports betting experience. We therefore cover the “basics” but also much more!

The main types of bet on Betclic:

  • The “single” bet: As its name suggest, this bet consists in betting on a single odd/selection. If you have the correct outcome, that’s a win!
  • The “multiple”/”parlay” bet: It consists in selecting from 2 up to 20 selections in a same “ticket”/”bet”. The final payout is obtained by multiplying your initial stake by the product of the odds of the selections. All outcomes must be correct to win a “multiple” bet.

Good to know: If for any reason one of the selection is voided/canceled, the final odd of your multiple bet will be recalculated based on the remaining selections.

  • The “system” bet: A “system” bet can be made up of several combinations (“multiple” and “single” bets). Unlike the multiple bet, all of your selections do not need to be correct in order to generate winnings.

We are offering a wide range of “system” bets, available starting from 3 selections and then depending on the number of your selections. The more you have selections, the more “system” bets you will have access to.

How does the “Cash Out” option work?

"Cash Out” is the option that allows you to keep control over your bets (single or multiple). You have the possibility of either securing your early winnings or reducing your losses before the end of an event.

The “Cash Out” eligible bets have the following symbol:

We strive to offer the “Cash Out” as long as possible during the events, on your multiple and single bets. However, please note that “Cash Out” may be suspended at certain moments in Live (on a penalty kick whistled for example) or when it is no longer appropriate to offer this option.

The amount of a “Cash Out” offer is constantly evolving and calculated in real time based on the current odd. The calculation is based on the probability that you have to win your bet at this very moment.

What happens in case an event is cancelled or postponed?

Any event, game, match or competition, which is canceled, abandoned, delayed or postponed, must take place or resume (unless otherwise specified) within 36 hours of its original start time for the bets to remain valid.

Otherwise (if not resumed within 36 hours), the bets will be canceled, with the exception of bets whose outcome is already known and can therefore be settled.

Below are some exceptions to the rule:

  • Tennis: The 36-hour rule does not apply to tennis bets. The bets are maintained and settled according to the official results and specific rules applied to each type of bet.
  • Badminton: The bets remain valid even if the event is delayed by more than 36 hours, unless it is permanently canceled.
  • Athletics: The bets remain valid even if the event is delayed by more than 36 hours, unless it is permanently canceled.

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